We Fixed Real Estate

Welcome to WFRE

October 08, 2020 Fred Glick Season 1 Episode 1
We Fixed Real Estate
Welcome to WFRE
Show Notes

Welcome to We Fixed Real Estate! Sponsored by Arrivva.com

$8,750 Flat Fee with full service.

Fred Glick is the managing broker, with lots of transactions, years in the biz, mortgage knowledge (NMLS#133975), negotiation thrills, and 4 broker licenses.


Misty McAfee the co-host extraordinaire. 

Inform you on how to prepare a strategy to make sure you get the home you want.

Arrivva will rebate you all of the buyer-broker fees less a flat fee of $8,750 regardless of the sale price. You can use the extra money to pay closing costs or get it in cash, tax-free after closing.  It cannot be put towards down payments.  

We keep you informed. We explain things.  We have patience.  Fred has done this before.  We keep it real! Communication between us essential.  That's why Arrivva uses Slack channels.  It makes working together seamless.